Frank Weed searches for answers about the War on Drugs!

If you are a child with Autism. A teenager who uses illicit drugs. If you would like to drink a few beers when you get home from work, or if you have a migraine headache and you are taking a prescription to ease its effects. If you crave a chocolate bar for a snack, all of you have something in common, you are all drug users. Lets stop the insanity of calling some drug users evil, and others good...its never been that simple and it never will be.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Maine might have done something right?

It seems that Maine has been able to pass legislation which allows its residents to purchase Rx’s for less…

“Maine passed a state law establishing a program called Maine Rx that lowers
prescription drug prices for residents lacking prescription drug coverage.
Maine Rx requires drug manufacturers to sell medications to
Maine residents who lack prescription drug insurance at the same
deeply discounted price at which they sell drugs to Maine’s Medicaid
recipients. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of
America (PhRMA), the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ trade group,
sued Maine, stating that Maine Rx would illegally interfere with
interstate commerce. Ultimately, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of
Maine. Other states are expected to develop similar programs.
Introduction 
From Drugs for Less. ©2005. For more information please call 1-800-528-2550.

While this is good news for some in Maine, it is not by far a reasonable solution to the States drug debt woes.

The fact we are going to let taxpayers fund the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and there excessively high prices along with there stead fast stance against citizens growing there own medicine for much less is a sure sign that more debt will occur. We are just digging our own grave deeper and deeper with these strange and greedy policies. Its too bad the Bush Administration doesn’t care enough about its citizens to do the same for them…What do you want to bet every politician in Wash DC has stocks in Pharmaceutical companies??

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

DEA in it a good thing or not?

Notice that for the three million dollars a year we fund the DEA here in Maine that the arrest rates are extremely low. Considering that in 2002 alone there were over 3 thousand arrests made in Maine for Marijuana offenses alone of course the majority of those were for simple possession. The DEA this past summer used our own military in the form of the states NAtional guard to erradicate thousands of pot plants across our state. I have to ask myself how many of those plants were intended for Medical Patients??

This web page (a Narconon site)states that there is as much as 500 pounds of Marijuana a month distributed across Maine.

That’s a micro economy of approximately $2,000,000. A month or about $24,000,000 annually that’s spent by Maine people in there local communities. These citizens will smoke the same amount each month as they are currently used to smoking no matter if the Marijuana comes from Maine or Canada, or where ever.

The main difference here is that if the local dealers are growing the weed instate, the money they receive is generally spent in there own local home towns. Whereas if the local crops are taken by DEA then the local dealers would need to replace there supply with the ever present Canadian weed. It doesn’t take much reasoning power to determine that the bulk of these funds collected by local dealers would then be sent to Canada, and not spent in there respective local economies.

What difference do you think 24 million dollars would make in your home town?

Starting in 2006 we the Maine citizens will be funding the DEA here, since George W. Bush has decided they don’t deserve funding by the government. Do the people of Maine who overwelmingly adopted the Medical Marijuana Act in 1999 really think that the DEA here in Maine are going to stop hunting down sick people who choose there right to smoke Marijuana much like they have done in the past, just because there funding is coming from us now??

I am of the opinion that if the DEA wants to stay here in Maine and they want us citizens to take money that would have gone for worthwhile programs like education and social betterment then they had better start acting more like Maine citizens and obey the will of the Maine people.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Out of all crime in Maine, Drugs make up almost half!

From the States own statistics looking at the crime rates on averages over the past 10 years the figures show us that the worse problem facing Maine today is the Predominately drug related crimes of Robbery, Burglary, and Larceny total- 34,335 out of a total of 37,339 crimes Or almost all of the crime in Maine. It is important to note that Alcohol and Drug related crime only accounts for 20,653 crimes, but it is still a very large problem that is only aggravated not controlled by current drug laws.

Approximately 70% of all Burglary and Larceny is done by persons age 24 or under!
While there are no hard figures for how many of those were to obtain money for drugs, it can be assumed that most were.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Percent of Maine crime involving Alcohol, and Drugs

From this chart it is very easy to see that Alcohol, not Drug use is to blame for most assaults in Maine. While the predominate problem with Drug use is theft. The reason for this as most people know is, Alcohol leads to violent outbursts and aggression, while Marijuana (the major drug offense in Maine by far)leads to calm passivity.

The Theft is directly proportional to the cost of the drugs, which is of course over inflated by the legal penalties against it. This is a planned response by Law enforcement. Is it right? I think its ridiculous!

The theory by Law enforcement is that by raising prices the drugs will be less available to minors. Of course this is a complete failure. Always has been.
Since Alcohol is legal and regulated by the State, users of Alcohol have no insentive to steal to support there use. This is all reflected in these figures from the State!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bush Administration sides with Drug Companys over Maine’s Uninsured!

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) the real drug pushers in America and a big driving force behind the drug war have some friends in the Bush administration. (with the Bush families ties to pharmaceutical industry its no surprise)

Maine reasonably tried to consolidate prescription drug prices and to get a discount for bulk rates. Makes sense doesn’t it?

“Under the program, Maine officials would negotiate with drug makers for additional discounts similar to those given to the Medicaid program. Maine was to use the savings to reimburse pharmacies for giving discounts to customers who lack drug coverage. State officials estimate eligible residents would save between 10 and 30 percent on prescription drug costs under the program.”

This would be great for the 100,000 Maine people with no health insurance!

Of course soon as PhRMA got wind of this and saw the money they would loose they sued the State to stop the program. And while the Bush administration was spouting off rhetoric about how they wanted states to find better solutions to the ever increasing Rx prices, they were also using the DOJ to prepare a brief stating the program was illegal…why? as they put it… “because it is not specifically targeted to people who are poor or elderly, or who have a different need for help in paying for medicine.”

Do you believe for a minute it had to do with the poor or elderly in Maine, or the Bush families investments in the Drug companies? I may be biased, but I’m not blind.

At least Maine is trying new things, but of course the Bush administration will stand behind its good ol boy’s the Pharmaceutical industry every time…they know where there political dollars come from!

The only changes you might see this next year in drug Rx prices will be the Bush Administration chalking up more debt by paying for Rx’s using tax dollars they don’t have!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Too bad State Government cant see the real reasoning here!

Why do you think it is that the largest supporters of the War on Drugs are the big Drug companys, and the Law Enforcement that makes there paychecks from the illegality of some drugs? It isnt because Weed is bad for you...its because making weed legal is bad for there wallets!

If it wasnt for the billions of dollars these companys would loose Marijuana would have been in use now and in the past and most of the problems with these other drugs side effects would not have been at issue. The lies these people spout off are continuously being uncovered and our politicians seem to be very skilled at looking at these facts through rose colored glasses and seeing only what they want to see.

When will the Government stop lying to its people and accept that there is a treatment that helps many people with illness like Cancer, Aids, Depression, Anxiety, Joint pains, PTSD etc which doesnt have to cost billions, and doesnt have the horrible side effects that many man made DRUGS have. Only in America could drug companys advertise these drugs on TV right to our children. and they have the nerve to call weed a 'BAD' drug. They will pay for there indescretions, they will have to live with the fact that they have ruined more lives, and taken more lives in this stupid War on American people than they can ever make up for!

When this War on Drugs ends there will be a lot of the blame game going on, but we will know that they were told over and over again they were wrong, but the money being given to them by big business was just too much more important to them then there own people...bottom line...these people (Big business, and politicians alike) are greedy money hungry lyers who are directly responsible for additional suffering. and they dont deserve to be in positions of power. These Pharmacutical companys knew full well they were hurting, even killing people but didnt care, will there be any justice served to them...of course not..there wealthy people..there immune to the court systems (well not immune...they own the court systems). Dont believe me look at Tom Delay...he wont see any Jail time...but we all know hes guilty as sin or there would never have been any charges made at all. Law enforcement and DA's need to be pushed kicking and screaming into prosecuting any Politician, or large company owner. Dont you wish they took as much time making charges up against the rest of Americans?!

Well The Governor of Maine might be trying to change things now...after the fact, but I say its too little too late! He and all other leaders in government both state and Federal must be held accountable for there greed!

But they probably wont be....we couldnt even get Bin Laden! Who in government is going to go after these Pharmacutical killers? hell it took a punch in the eye for congress to begrudgingly hold the tobacco companys responsible for all there lies! and the US government is still subsidising cigarettes to our young military. I know when I was in the service I could buy a carton of cigs for half what they cost in a store...why? because our government pays the way or another the drug companys and our politicians are selling us down the river.

If any fines are eventually set against companys like GlaxoSmithKline it wont hurt them or change the way they do business...hell our government has seen to that...instead of correcting the true problems with medicine being over priced by having drug companys eat some losses for a change they our ever struggling government has decided instead to pay there the drug companys outragious prices by adding the cost to our own national debt! My god will they ever stop throwing our money away?? Short answer...of course not...look at how many politicians have made investements in these large companys...I wonder if there are any politicians who HAVENT got invested personal interests in them.

Drug companys as we all know charge far less when they sell outside the US, but charge outrageous prices here in the states because they know insurance companys will pick up the tab, and now that insurance companys are complaining there not making there billions there used too (My god do you realize that with all these disasters the CEO's of those insurance companys might only get two weeks in Hawaii rather than there usual four weeks? Course they will still be playing Golf every friday as usual), its put right back on the backs of us poor tax paying fools who dont have anything to say in the matter!

Where will this end...of course we are going to run out of money soon and then the shit will hit the fan....between jobs being given away to other poorer countrys, wittleing down the US employment base, combined with the cutting of taxes to the wealthest Americans it wont be long before the Bush administration bankrupts this country its happening right now. and unless you think 8 trillion in debt isnt the same thing as bankrupt them I have a bridge I would like to sell you...its in the Desert of Maine!


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hard to swallow Maine shouldn't let drug makers keep safety secrets

Copyright © 2005 Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

"How did Vioxx, designed to help a tiny fraction of the population that suffers from arthritis pain, become a blockbuster drug prescribed to 20 million Americans before being pulled from the market because of heart risks?

And how is it that doctors who prescribed the antidepressant Paxil to children and teenagers were kept in the dark about studies that showed the drug might actually increase kids' suicidal thoughts? "

"Such was the case with Vioxx, a pain reliever found to have a higher risk of heart problems than similar drugs. Designed as a "niche" drug to relieve pain for people with ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems, a massive marketing campaign by drug maker Merck helped vault Vioxx to annual sales of $2.5 billion before the drug was removed from the market in September. Reports show that Merck was aware of the risk for years but continued to market the drugs heavily to physicians, with sales representatives told not to initiate discussions of safety risks with doctors.

In the case of Paxil, a 2004 lawsuit against maker GlaxoSmithKline revealed the company had studied the effects of Paxil in adolescents and learned that both children and adolescents taking the drug were "twice as likely to show behaviors that may be associated with suicide than children on sugar pills." At the same time, the company's drug representatives were telling doctors and health care professionals that Paxil worked well in children. Since the studies were unpublished, there was no way for health care providers to learn the truth."

Cannabis smoke is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco smoke, a leading US expert says.

"BBC News
October 17, 2005

Cannabis smoke is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco smoke, a leading US expert says.

Dr Robert Melamede, of the University of Colorado, said that, while chemically the two were similar, tobacco was more carcinogenic.

He said the difference was mainly due to nicotine in tobacco, whereas cannabis may inhibit cancer because of the presence of the chemical THC.

But health campaigners warned against complacency.

Cannabis remains the most commonly-used drug in the UK with one in 10 people using it in the last year, according to the British Crime Survey.

"Smoke from tobacco and cannabis contains many of the same carcinogens, and cell damage linked to lung cancer has been found in the lungs of chronic cannabis smokers" Jean King, of Cancer Research UK

The Class C drug, which was downgraded in 2004, has already been linked to mental health problems and breathing difficulties.

But scientists are also exploring whether it can be used to treat a range of conditions, including multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Melamede said whereas nicotine activated carcinogenic compounds, THC - one of 60 cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant - had been shown to inhibit them in mice cells.

"Compounds found in cannabis have been shown to kill numerous cancer types including lung, breast, prostate, leukaemia, lymphoma and skin cancer."

But he said the effects of cannabis were complex as evidence also suggested low doses of THC could stimulate growth of lung cancer cells."

Medical Marijuana to treat PTSD!

This is a great place to pick up info about MMJ! Not just this article!

"Cannabis would indeed be useful in managing symptoms of PTSD. This has been known for over a century in the medical profession but forgotten because of its legal status since 1937. The Israeli army, however, recently disclosed that it is evaluating cannabis in the treatment of PTSD."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Vindication, by M.Simon

This guy has alot to say thats worth listening too!

Read his work please!

More Vindication
by M.Simon

It has been my contention for the last three years that what we call drug abuse is self medication for pain/anxiety. It turns out that independent (of the government) research is beginning to confirm what I teased out of the limited information available to me three years ago on the subject.

The research Cannabis Use in Adolescence: Self-Medication for Anxiety was done by Dr. Tom O'Connell, a long time opponent of prohibition.

Dr. O'Connell is mostly interested in general social factors that predispose adolescents to drug use. The most important factor he found was a missing or ineffective father.

In attempting to determine the origin of the symptoms motivating this population’s aggressive adolescent drug sampling, the most obvious place to start was family background. A common element was the absence of their biological fathers from their early lives —either physically, through early death or divorce, or emotionally, through a variety of other mechanisms...

He goes on to look at school careers as another determining factor. He sees a lot of ADD and ADHD. One thing he mentions early on is that the boys outnumber the girls in his practce (where he interviewd the kids) by a
4 to 1 ratio.

His study looked at the substitution effect. The replacement of tobacco and alcohol with cannabis. (Do you suppose this is why the alcohol companies are so heavily invested in the drug war? And the tobacco companies before they became an embarassment?)

Repeat use of both alcohol and tobacco tended to be aggressive. More than half had binged in high school or as young adults; 35% had experienced alcohol black-outs; and 12.5% had received DUI citations. Yet essentially all who have continued to use cannabis on a regular basis subsequently moderated their alcohol consumption. Few are teetotalers, but nearly all who still drink do so moderately. Most have reduced alcohol consumption to 20% of their peak levels —or less.

Cannabis also has enabled patients to reduce tobacco use. Although 68.1% of cannabis applicants became daily cigarette smokers for a while, over half (53%) of the smokers have since been able to quit and almost all the rest are trying. Even inveterate tobacco smokers (those unable to remain abstinent) uniformly relate their cigarette consumption to both stress and access to cannabis: when the former is high and the latter is low, they tend to smoke a lot more tobacco.

There are three important points I think the doctor has left out of his study. Child abuse, PTSD, and genetics. I cover child abuse and PTSD in Police and PTSD. I cover genetics in Genetic Discrimination.

He has a few thing to say about the government's interest in this type of research. It explains a number of things including why big pharma is heavily invested in the drug war.

Evidence that cannabis is capable of benignly and effectively palliating the psychotropic symptom complexes so often encountered in juveniles and young adults was clearly beyond the scope of any research funded— or even permitted— by NIDA. That such symptoms tend to persist into mid-life for many who suffer from them is now endorsed in psychiatric literature and has spurred development of a host of pharmaceuticals intended to treat them. Yet most of applicants for whom these pharmaceuticals were prescribed report that cannabis provides more effective and durable relief.

This is very interesting because I said someting similar three years ago in Addiction or Self Medication?:

It turns out that anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the United States. They are worth $46 billion a year to the pharmaceutical industry. You don't suppose this fact has any thing to do with the pharmaceutical industries being in the forefront of the Drug Free America campaign do you? Of course not. They are just trying to keep you from being addicted to natural products at the cost of 1/10th of a cent per dose when they are more than willing to sell you an FDA and doctor approved, pharmacy sold product that will do the job for a dollar a dose. They have only your best interests at heart. Just ask their accountants.

Dr. OConnell summarises his work this way:

Proposition 215 encouraged many individuals who had been considered “recreational” users of cannabis to apply for “medical” status. Interviews placing their cannabis use in broader context showed that it is frequently an alternative to the use of alcohol, tobacco, and “harder” drugs.

The federal government, by imposing a Prohibition based on biased, inadequate studies, is depriving the American people of a safe and effective medicine.

Beyond that concern, the increasing enthusiasm for drug testing and punishing those who test positive for cannabis wth either criminal or social sanctions is destructive to the large —but at this writing unknown —number of Americans treating emotional symptoms with what may be, for them, the best agent available.

Dr. O'Connell also thinks that even anti-prohibitionists are not acknowledging the anxiety factors and that all use may in some sense be medicinal:

Data from the author's practice show that many Californians use cannabis to treat emotional conditions. Government studies obscure this reality and some reformers seem reluctant to acknowledge it.

There are a lot of interests working together to keep pot illegal. I think as the science gets better known they will not stand.

Addiction or Self Medication?

By Roger L. Simon

"Let me start this little essay on the uses of marijuana with an idea. A very simple idea. An idea that strikes at the very heart of the drug war and it's moralistic foundation. The very idea that those who use unapproved drugs are the lawful subjects of religiously motivated government persecution.

What we call addiction is in fact self treatment of undiagnosed pain.

This is a truly revolutionary idea. If it is in fact true then the whole notion of a drug war to save the children is a lie from beginning to end. Those of you who have read my article on heroin have a window into this new idea. What I tried to show in that article was that medical research shows that victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse ( PTSD ) are many times more likely to get addicted to heroin than the general public."

A well known secret, by M.Simon

I have been a monomaniac for the last three years promoting the idea that most drug users are self medicating for undiagnosed conditions. A lot of PTSD, some bipolar, some ADD/ADHD etc. Below I have reprinted two reports from the field. One a drug counselor and another from a doctor.

Both point to the fact that a lot of problem drug users are self medicating. Clayton Cramer, with whom I have been having a most interesting private discussion, has brought up a number of interesting questions. The most important is this: he does not doubt that some chronic users may be self medicating (although which users and which conditions is still in contention), what he does believe, though, is that there might actually be a large number of recreational users to whom harm is being done (we will leave out the libertarian question of whether self inflicted harm is any of the governments business, except for the up coming war on food eaters). And with that question although I have my beliefs I have no proof.

Which brings up a most important question. Why don't we have better studies on this question? We are studying drugs deeply. Why aren't we studying drug users?

First what a drug counselor says:

From Winds of Change:

#3 from Guy Hall on April 26, 2003 03:08 AM

As a drug and alcohol counselor, I agree wholeheartedly with pain being the main cause of alcoholism and chemical dependency. PTSD is but an extreme example of the pain that alcoholics and drug addicts suffer. For many of my clients, abuse both phyisical and emotional was the means used to teach them destructive beliefs. The more "energy" used in the abuse, the more pain carried into adulthood.

Consequently, that results in more "energy" needed to overcome those beliefs.

Oh, and the one emotional pain that I see? Shame.....whether it be men or women, it is shame that routinely surfaces as the undelying pain being covered up with drugs/alcohol. Women who suffered incest speak more about the pain they felt when, after the deed was done, they got the look of scorn and disgust from their father.

The DEA strikes again!

heres something I found cute while searching the web!

The DEA strikes again!

In a nationally coordinated effort, operation Justify Our Budget (or JOB, for short) came to a stunning conclusion today.

487 DEA agents, working with local law enforcement officials, went into stores in 73 cities around the country and bought bags of Doritos. Some agents purchased two, and one agent in Phoenix, Arizona actually came away with five. The bags had a street value of $1 to $3, based on size and whether they were cheesier.

All the bags will be taken to a secure site where they will be destroyed.

DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy said in a statement. "This shows what we can do with significant resources around the country working together. This will absolutely decimate the Doritos supply in the United States."

When reached for comment, a Doritos spokesman said, "Crunch all you want. We'll make more."

Marijuana promotes brain cell growth!

Cannabinoids promote neurogenesis in embryonic and adult rats, and produce anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects, according to a new report in the current issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation. The effects appear to contradict those seen from other studied drugs of abuse, the authors note.

"Most drugs of abuse such as nicotine, heroine, and cocaine suppress neurogenesis in these cells, but the effects of cannabinoids weren't clear. We show that cannabinoids, in fact, promote neurogenesis," study author Xia Zhang of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, told The Scientist.

In your face Karen Tandy, DEA's administrator

This United Press International article by Steve Mitchell, Senior Medical Correspondent, reports what we had a preview of before -- that this whole business of prohibitionists touting that marijuana has higher numbers of carcinogens is irrelevant. The truth is that marijuana use does not increase your risk of cancer at all.

Let those dopers be

By Norm Stamper, Norm Stamper is the former chief of the Seattle Police Department. He is the author of "Breaking Rank: A Top Cop's Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing" (Nation Books, 2005).

Good article to read in your spare time!