Frank Weed searches for answers about the War on Drugs!

If you are a child with Autism. A teenager who uses illicit drugs. If you would like to drink a few beers when you get home from work, or if you have a migraine headache and you are taking a prescription to ease its effects. If you crave a chocolate bar for a snack, all of you have something in common, you are all drug users. Lets stop the insanity of calling some drug users evil, and others good...its never been that simple and it never will be.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The real debate over Drugs!

After chatting with several of my friends on forums I have seen several misgivings about drug use in America.
Like listening to medical discriptions of Marijuana for example.

I think I have shown from the discription of common coffee that you cannot believe everything you read as being the whole truth about any particular Drug.

I think the real debate might be better to focus around WHY is Marijuana Illegal.

Fact is most people who want to use it they stay passive in there resistance to the laws, and those who are too afraid of the War MAchine just use the other drugs available to them, even though most of those ‘legal’ drugs are worse both for them and for society.

Note to self......
I need to write up a list of all the Self medicators in this Country, including how many are using each drug, and how many are experiancing real or percieved(war related) problems with these drugs.
Also I need to write up what the total harm to society created by all this drug use, and its benifits as well and in this list of HArms versus benifits I think it will be impotant to show how Americans who choose harder drugs like Alcohol or cigarettes over a less harmful drug like Marijuana (less harmfull both physically and socially) are actually harming themselves and society more by doing so......

I am finding that instead of trying to understand drug use or self medication as I prefer to call it most of the people I chat with say just legalize Pot man, or you must be kidding weed is the devil or what have you.

These two sides of the debate have been beating there heads together for decades now and the only sign of change I see is the medical marijuana laws in some states. and the huge increase in penalties for using pot, the increase of thousands of drug courts across the nation, an increase in rehab centers to treat supposed addicts of Marijuana which we all know don’t truly exist or are so mild as to certainly not require professional intervention.

I say if you don’t need rehab for cigarette addiction then taxpayers certainly shouldn’t be paying for millions of citizens to be ‘cured’ of Marijuana addiction.

It’s a suck ass War that needs to end before the oppression and persecution of all Americans who want to use weed in a free society will end.

I still remain solid with the fact that until Americans as a whole have been de-brainwashed to the harms of Marijuana and in fact been enlightened to the truth about drug use in America monumental change is not possible.

Brainwashing that hides the fact that every American uses drugs of some type, needs to end. The realization that most every American self medicates with drugs like Alcohol, Marijuana, coffee, cigarettes, prescription drugs and even some over the counter medications needs to become the new mantra.

Most Americans will continue to not understand the legalization efforts, and in fact because of the smoke screen the War Machine uses to blind the truth from most Americans they will never be made to see the light from advocates of smoking pot. I only wish an open mind was the norm in America!

We must teach most Americans that using drugs in and of itself is not the real threat to society they have been told. That most Americans using all these drugs don’t have a problem with them. These drug users/self medicators are for the most part (meaning most all of) living productive lives here in America and don’t deserve persecution and oppression, as well as incarceration or even rehab.

I believe that since most Americans using any drug aren’t having a problem they should be left alone, and the focus should be put more appropriately onto the Americans who seem to have trouble with there drug use what ever that drug may be.

This a much more fair and rational approach to drugs as a whole. And I am finding that maybe I can come up with a way to demonstrate to most Americans that I am right about this.

But we all need to fight this War in a more proactive way. If you cant go head to head against the War Machine. Then I propose going into a more grass roots campaign to finally once and for all dispel the myths of what drug use in America is. And the fact that just about every single American uses some drug. And we need to remove the stigmatizing that has been created by the Machine to get every day Americans on our side!

As always I welcome your comments and e-mails. Keep them coming!
And thank you to all that have participated so far!



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