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If you are a child with Autism. A teenager who uses illicit drugs. If you would like to drink a few beers when you get home from work, or if you have a migraine headache and you are taking a prescription to ease its effects. If you crave a chocolate bar for a snack, all of you have something in common, you are all drug users. Lets stop the insanity of calling some drug users evil, and others good...its never been that simple and it never will be.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In your face Karen Tandy, DEA's administrator

This United Press International article by Steve Mitchell, Senior Medical Correspondent, reports what we had a preview of before -- that this whole business of prohibitionists touting that marijuana has higher numbers of carcinogens is irrelevant. The truth is that marijuana use does not increase your risk of cancer at all.


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