Frank Weed searches for answers about the War on Drugs!

If you are a child with Autism. A teenager who uses illicit drugs. If you would like to drink a few beers when you get home from work, or if you have a migraine headache and you are taking a prescription to ease its effects. If you crave a chocolate bar for a snack, all of you have something in common, you are all drug users. Lets stop the insanity of calling some drug users evil, and others good...its never been that simple and it never will be.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Too bad State Government cant see the real reasoning here!

Why do you think it is that the largest supporters of the War on Drugs are the big Drug companys, and the Law Enforcement that makes there paychecks from the illegality of some drugs? It isnt because Weed is bad for you...its because making weed legal is bad for there wallets!

If it wasnt for the billions of dollars these companys would loose Marijuana would have been in use now and in the past and most of the problems with these other drugs side effects would not have been at issue. The lies these people spout off are continuously being uncovered and our politicians seem to be very skilled at looking at these facts through rose colored glasses and seeing only what they want to see.

When will the Government stop lying to its people and accept that there is a treatment that helps many people with illness like Cancer, Aids, Depression, Anxiety, Joint pains, PTSD etc which doesnt have to cost billions, and doesnt have the horrible side effects that many man made DRUGS have. Only in America could drug companys advertise these drugs on TV right to our children. and they have the nerve to call weed a 'BAD' drug. They will pay for there indescretions, they will have to live with the fact that they have ruined more lives, and taken more lives in this stupid War on American people than they can ever make up for!

When this War on Drugs ends there will be a lot of the blame game going on, but we will know that they were told over and over again they were wrong, but the money being given to them by big business was just too much more important to them then there own people...bottom line...these people (Big business, and politicians alike) are greedy money hungry lyers who are directly responsible for additional suffering. and they dont deserve to be in positions of power. These Pharmacutical companys knew full well they were hurting, even killing people but didnt care, will there be any justice served to them...of course not..there wealthy people..there immune to the court systems (well not immune...they own the court systems). Dont believe me look at Tom Delay...he wont see any Jail time...but we all know hes guilty as sin or there would never have been any charges made at all. Law enforcement and DA's need to be pushed kicking and screaming into prosecuting any Politician, or large company owner. Dont you wish they took as much time making charges up against the rest of Americans?!

Well The Governor of Maine might be trying to change things now...after the fact, but I say its too little too late! He and all other leaders in government both state and Federal must be held accountable for there greed!

But they probably wont be....we couldnt even get Bin Laden! Who in government is going to go after these Pharmacutical killers? hell it took a punch in the eye for congress to begrudgingly hold the tobacco companys responsible for all there lies! and the US government is still subsidising cigarettes to our young military. I know when I was in the service I could buy a carton of cigs for half what they cost in a store...why? because our government pays the way or another the drug companys and our politicians are selling us down the river.

If any fines are eventually set against companys like GlaxoSmithKline it wont hurt them or change the way they do business...hell our government has seen to that...instead of correcting the true problems with medicine being over priced by having drug companys eat some losses for a change they our ever struggling government has decided instead to pay there the drug companys outragious prices by adding the cost to our own national debt! My god will they ever stop throwing our money away?? Short answer...of course not...look at how many politicians have made investements in these large companys...I wonder if there are any politicians who HAVENT got invested personal interests in them.

Drug companys as we all know charge far less when they sell outside the US, but charge outrageous prices here in the states because they know insurance companys will pick up the tab, and now that insurance companys are complaining there not making there billions there used too (My god do you realize that with all these disasters the CEO's of those insurance companys might only get two weeks in Hawaii rather than there usual four weeks? Course they will still be playing Golf every friday as usual), its put right back on the backs of us poor tax paying fools who dont have anything to say in the matter!

Where will this end...of course we are going to run out of money soon and then the shit will hit the fan....between jobs being given away to other poorer countrys, wittleing down the US employment base, combined with the cutting of taxes to the wealthest Americans it wont be long before the Bush administration bankrupts this country its happening right now. and unless you think 8 trillion in debt isnt the same thing as bankrupt them I have a bridge I would like to sell you...its in the Desert of Maine!


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hard to swallow Maine shouldn't let drug makers keep safety secrets

Copyright © 2005 Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.

"How did Vioxx, designed to help a tiny fraction of the population that suffers from arthritis pain, become a blockbuster drug prescribed to 20 million Americans before being pulled from the market because of heart risks?

And how is it that doctors who prescribed the antidepressant Paxil to children and teenagers were kept in the dark about studies that showed the drug might actually increase kids' suicidal thoughts? "

"Such was the case with Vioxx, a pain reliever found to have a higher risk of heart problems than similar drugs. Designed as a "niche" drug to relieve pain for people with ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems, a massive marketing campaign by drug maker Merck helped vault Vioxx to annual sales of $2.5 billion before the drug was removed from the market in September. Reports show that Merck was aware of the risk for years but continued to market the drugs heavily to physicians, with sales representatives told not to initiate discussions of safety risks with doctors.

In the case of Paxil, a 2004 lawsuit against maker GlaxoSmithKline revealed the company had studied the effects of Paxil in adolescents and learned that both children and adolescents taking the drug were "twice as likely to show behaviors that may be associated with suicide than children on sugar pills." At the same time, the company's drug representatives were telling doctors and health care professionals that Paxil worked well in children. Since the studies were unpublished, there was no way for health care providers to learn the truth."


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